Admiralty, papers

Scope and Content

  • MS 1521/4/28;BJ Service record, 15 March 1839 [Naval service 1796 to 1816 for James Weddell]
  • MS 501/4;D Copy of MS 1521/4/28;BJ[Weddell]
  • MS 438/27;D Statement of Naval career for Captain Sir William Parry, 1803 to 1846 [Derived from official documents in Admiralty and Somerset House] 1 leaf, holograph
  • MS 917;D Sketch of instructions to be given to Lieutenant Franklin by Lord Bathurst, 29 April 1819 [First Arctic Land Expedition, 1819-1822 (Canada)] 10 leaves, Xerox
  • MS 395/86;back loan drawer Instructions for George Back, 12 June 1836 [Regarding the British Naval Exploring expedition, 1836-1837 to Hudson Bay onboard Terror] holograph
  • MS 1020/5;D Commission to Sir John Richardson, 16 March 1848 [Regarding command of British Overland Franklin Search Expedition, 1847-1849] 16 leaves
  • MS 1532/2/1;D Certificate of qualification, Crawford Conybeare, 10 December 1867 [As a naval cadet]
  • MS 1532/2/3;D Passing certificate, Crawford Conybeare, 20 April 1869 [From HMS Britannia, Dartmouth]
  • MS 1532/2/11;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 18 May 1869 [Rank of Midshipman on board HMS Liverpool]
  • MS 1532/2/12;D Certificate of appointment, 10 March 1871 [Rank of Supplementary Midshipman on board HMS Lord Warden]
  • MS 1532/2/13;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 16 November 1872 [Rank of Supplementary Midshipman on board HMS Hercules]
  • MS 1532/2/4;D Passing certificate, Crawford Conybeare, 29 October 1873 [In seamanship for rank of Lieutenant or Navigating Lieutenant]
  • MS 1532/2/5;D Qualifying certificate, Crawford Conybeare, 15 September 1874 [Rank of Lieutenant]
  • MS 1532/2/8;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 21 September 1874 [Rank of Sub lieutenant]
  • MS 1532/2/14;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 15 April 1875 [Rank of Sub-lieutenant on board HMS Discovery]
  • MS 1532/2/17;D Officers allotment, Crawford Conybeare, 21 July 1875 [10]
  • MS 1532/2/9;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 3 November 1876 [Rank of Lieutenant
  • MS 1532/2/6;D Honorary certificate, Crawford Conybeare, 30 June 1879 [For proficiency in mathematics, physics, chemistry, marine surveying]
  • MS 1532/2/15;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 14 June 1881 [Rank of Additional Lieutenant onboard HMS Cambridge]
  • MS 1532/2/7;D Certificate of service, Crawford Conybeare, 24 November 1882 [Taken from Naval register]
  • MS 1532/2/16;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 12 May 1884 [Rank of Lieutenant onboard HMS Vernon]
  • MS 1532/2/10;D Certificate of appointment, Crawford Conybeare, 21 May 1884 [Rank of Commander]
  • MS 1532/2/18;D Certificates of good conduct, Crawford Conybeare, 1871 to 1886 [On board HMS Lord Warden, Hercules, Duke of Wellington, Caledonia, Liverpool, Excellent, Alert, Discovery, Hibernia, Raleigh, Vernon, Wye, Hecla, Cambridge, President]
  • MS 1202/5;MJ Memo from the British Admiralty on Resolute, 22 April 1929 [Brief history of the ship used during Austin's and Sir Edward Belcher's British Naval Franklin Search Expedition, 1850-1851 and 1852-1854] 3 leaves

Administrative / Biographical History

The collection comprises of certificates for the Arctic explorer Admiral Crawford Conybeare and the Antarctic explorer James Weddell and histories of navy ships.


The material is arranged chronologically.

Alternative Form Available

MS 501/4;D is a copy. MS 917;D is a copy.

Related Material

The Institute holds an archival collection for Admiral Conybeare. It is hoped this will be made available on the Hub in due course. Information on the Institute's archival collection for James Weddell can be found at GB 015 James Weddell.

Location of Originals

MS 917;D in Public Record Office, Kew, London (1982)