Gift: Peter Frothyngham of South Frothyngham gent. to 'John Thorp iuxta Welwyk' (John? of Thorp near Welwyk?) esq., Gerrard Welles chaplain, Edmund Frothyngham senr. gent., and John (Alehou?) yeoman chaplain.

Scope and Content

Manor situate in South Frothyngham with 3 adjacent crofts, Midilcroft; closes called Midillparak, Redparak and Southparak and 4 oxgangs in South Frothyngham. 1/2 oxgang in Neusum. 6s.8d. blanch farm from a tenement in Holym in tenure of John Newton. 2 1/2 oxgangs in Mapilton. Arwhom Close in the south field of Arwhom (Arram) in Holderness --: To use of Will of P.F.; then successively to his son Edmund F., second son John F. and third son Rauf F. and heirs of their bodies; then to right heirs of P.F. Given at S. Frothyngham.

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