North Grimston: (a) Mortgage: for £300: Herbert Thorndyke of North Grimston gent. to Sarah Yarburgh of York widow: Kowryhill Close, New Close, the Holmes, Hencroftes, Beanlands, Eastfield or Sod Close and Ludwith Close in North Grimston --: 15 March 1655/6 (b) Bond for performance of covenants of U DDCV/215/15 (a), 15 March 1655/6 (c) Redemption of U DDCV/215/15 (a): Thomas and Edmund Yarbrough of Campsall (exors. of Sarah Y. as U DDCV/215/15 (a)) and Thomas Thornedike of North Grimston gent. (brother of Herbert T. dec'd.) to Abraham Fothergill of Bernards Inn, Francis Langley of London, Alexander Metcalfe of New Malton, gents., and Henry Metcalfe of Hull merchant, 15 December 1663

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Part of an original bundle, U DDCV/215/15 - U DDCV/215/26