Bargain and Sale: for £28.17s.6d.: George Spilsbee of Chattam, co. Kent mariner to Edward Greenhead of Arnold husbandman.

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Cottage, croft and close and a moiety of 2 balks (one in East Field and one in West Field), purchased by William Spilsworth alias Spilsbee from James Atkinson --: Power of Attorney to Thomas Anderson of Rise yeoman to deliver seisin. Witn. Thomas Anderson, William Barron, John Wilson, Robert Rousby, Joseph Snaith jnr.

Endorsement of livery of seisin. Witn. Jerard Wilson, John Wilson, Dorithy Lister, Kateran and Mary Barron, Richard Rousbie, William and Dorithy Wilson, Ann Craven, William Barron, Robert Rousbie, Percevell Story, 13 August 1672

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