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From Hankow. He returned home at 10pm on Friday. This afternoon he had made a kind of sermon about his travels, when [Sarah] Wolfe arrived from Anlu with Misses Wagstaff and Sanderson. They had left in haste 'at the urgent desire of others' after Ho Lung's Communist army turned up in the area. H B R doubts that it is serious but he is glad that they have pulled out, at least for a fortnight. They shall review the situation after synod. 'The Reds are having what is probably their last real kick just now & are kicking pretty hard'.

Family financial matters are discussed in detail.

He has enclosed the 'York request' for Emily's deliberation. H B R thinks that it should probably be turned down, but he leaves the decision to her. The point is that [the Ecumecial Conference] in Atlanta ends on October 25th and he does not think it likely that he will be home for a fortnight after that. He does not think therefore that he should accept any appointments before December 1st - he thinks that they have a right to enjoy each other's uninterrupted company for at least a fortnight. There is also the Mission House to consider and [Charles William] Andrews and others in London to see.

He will leave this letter open until after the Missionaries meeting, which takes place tomorrow afternoon.

Later .

They had the Missionaries meeting yesterday and the Medical Committee this afternoon. He is feeling very tired at present. Mrs [James John] Heady is really very kind and thoughtful. It is the first taste of home life he has enjoyed since Emily went home.