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From the Methodist Church in Mandalay, to Emily Rattenbury at 2 Brayton Gardens, Enfield West, London. They returned here safely last night after three weeks of marvellous travelling, which will be fully described in the diary. Miss Embleton tells him that she is sending Emily copies from time to time, so he thinks that he will discontinue sending her copies direct.

He was pleased to hear that things are going well with Joan. He has also heard that Vernon Boock has had another son. 'It must have been his parting gift before he left on the Indian trip. I hope the little lad may be spared like Joan Pell'. There must be particular joy in having a child after a long childless existence.

It was sad to hear about Peter's further deferment. The [army?] lads out here are in the same boat. It is time that Jack Lawrence or someone did something about this problem. He assumes from Emily's letter that Morley's [ministerial] station stands. He hopes that this is the start of a 'good and fruitful ministry'.

He was glad that Emily had a good time at Bishop Stortford. 'My friend C needs to learn. The trouble is not all are fitted to learn. May he prove that he can. His mind really is on China still & not on H. C. D. Perhaps G. P. H. J. will talk to him if he sees the need. I do not see that you can do anything anyway...' Reference is made to Emily's forthcoming visit to the United States.

Two months [of this journey] have already passed by and the real hardships have yet to begin.