Scope and Content

From Wenchow. He wonders if this will reach her before Christmas, with its picture of the 'old traveller [H B R] & his umbrella, climbing a mountain'.

They had a rather bumpy voyage from Shanghai and Ningpo. They are now in the middle of the usual round of meetings etc.

No doubt Emily will now be resting in Toronto for a while. No letter has reached him since she arrived in the USA.

Kitty seems happy and well. She is much more of a personality on her own away from her parents. H B R thinks that she will make a good missionary.

The houses and other buildings here are still standing and they will see in greater detail this afternoon the effects of the war upon them. It is a big job at the moment, re-starting things.

Last weekend was busy - [Shanghai] Union Church on Sunday morning which service was broadcast that same evening, an address to the [North China Churches] Conference on Tuesday at which, as usual, the translator missed the first few points and then straight to the boat and here.

He trusts that she will have a good Christmas. She must try to view the China display at the University Museum in Toronto.