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From the vessel Suivo on passage down river to Shanghai. After breakfast he slept until dinner and after dinner he dozed until 4.30. So he is having a good lazy time of it. His eye is not fully recovered but he has been assured that it will be by the time the ship docks in Shanghai. Dr Chiang is on the same vessel and as there is only one other passenger on board, it is proving a very restful time.

This week has been full of the usual activities, committees and so on. The Union Hospital is taking the most time and they are hopeful the hospital will be opened, fully furnished and free of debt. Coundell will be living there until the autumn with Sister Gladys [Stephenson] and Miss Milner.

Grace should reach Shanghai tomorrow. Miss Green's wedding is on Saturday. H B R is taking the Pells' present as the wedding gift.

They have raised locally for the Union Hospital (Hong Kong) $3200 for furnishings. Considering the hard times, this is a very creditable sum.

He thinks that Emily knows that H B R's trip to Shanghai is on medical advice, but apart from the eye he is really in very good condition.

Politically they have moved into smooth waters. Even in the matter of the school, it looks as if they may be allowed complete freedom.

He finds it very hard writing with just one eye, but shall try to get his Christmas letters of thanks away this week. The last gift was a complete edition of the works of Rudyard Kipling, sent by Mr McFarlane, which was indeed kind.