Scope and Content

From Hankow. Among the many boxes which they have been shifting down to go to Shanghai (some of them to go on to England] is Emily's baby box with Hilda's things. He does not know what to do about their other possessions. All the shifting may be unneccessary but evacuation appears to be the 'order of the day' and they are gradually moving things out. There does not seem to be any further use for these items is there?.

Personal matters are discussed.

There are two little boxes of china from Miss Wagstaff's store-room and these are with Dr Chiang. Myerscough's boxes have had to be unpacked. The blankets and two pillows H B R are keeping for his own use. They are not much to lose. There is a carton of children's stuff which if he has to leave, he will give to the Chiangs. H B R's B.A hood he will send to England.

Such things make him very homesick. Personal matters are discussed.

The houses at Suichow, Teian and Hanyang are now in the hands of the unions and those at Wusuch are occupied by the military. He supposes that they have been stripped clean. Lin San Fu is back from Teian today without a single possession of [James] Clegg's.

Detailed arrangements have been made by the Admiralty for the evacuation. The time when they need to get out is still uncertain. Things seem peaceful enough. The inclusion of Americans and Japs in the equation has rather confused matters. As he walked yesterday afternoon, H B R realised that the Communist threat is really finished. They have however wrecked Hankow and he can only hope that the moderates take control before China descends into complete chaos.

There is now five A.C.M people left, seven W.M.S and 4 L.M.S. The Wesleyans for all their faults have done as well as anyone .