Scope and Content

From [Wu Shen Miao]. He preached and took sacrament in Kung Tien this morning. There was quite a crowd of Hunanese refugees there. He preached again in English before going to the Blind School for a meal followed by a Chinese service.

Pell has gone. H B R intends to leave a fortnight tommorow for his holiday, all things being well.

He has enclosed letters from Joan and Gordon. Hopefully they will both pass. Joan is growing in grace.

[Charles Wilfred] Allan is to preach next Sunday. 'He seems pleased to be asked. Hope he will show signs of advance'.

It is really very cool for the time of year.

There is a report in the paper that a hotel near the gap in Kuling has collapsed because of the rains. Fifteen people have been killed and there have been other injuries.

Onley wrote about a mosquito net. Emily should tell him that H B R can do nothing for him here.

Dorothy, Grace, [James Maxwell] Gratton and others leave on Wednesday and next week will see another exodus.

He has finished Aldous Huxley's book and did not find it as shocking as Emily had led him to expect. He does agree however that this sort of realism cannot really do anyone any good.