Scope and Content

From on board the SS Rajputana (P & O.S.N. Shipping Company) off Aden. They hope to have a service in 2nd Class tonight. The ship should arrive in Bombay on Thursday afternoon. He had an hour ashore in Port Said [Egypt], saw the De Lesseps monument with its inscription "Aperire terram gentibus" - it would make a good mission text. He also saw the Anzac memorial [Australian/New Zealand armies] and at Ismalia the Suez defence memorial which is a particularly striking obelisk.

He has not yet seen the Revd. Hartley and his wife, who are travelling with [Sir John] and Lady Randles. He saw Sir John again at Port Said. It is possible that the Hartleys do not realise that H B R is around 'or that it is possible to pass from thence to us' [1st Class to 2nd Class?].

H B R has finished the 740 pages of 'the triple demism[?] of Sun Yat Sen. There is practically nothing vital in it, which he had not learned from his hurried reading of the Chinese version while on his way between Hong Kong and Hankow in 1926-27; which is both gratifying and astonishing. The book is worth having for it's life of Sun, the discussion of his Christianity and it's summary of his teaching.

He was able to buy a good [pith] helmet at Port Said for fifteen shillings. It was no more expensive than the same item in China.

It seems incredible that it is only about a week since leaving England. The wireless news on the boat is very good, so he is able to keep abreast of Ireland and China. 'I will not describe my company at table lest I write unadvisedly with my pen'.