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From Hankow. He is still waiting for a letter from her informing him that she is in England. The Methodist Recorder has reported her arrival but not that of the children. Morley has written to say that he has had word from her at Kingswood School and now Franklin informs him that Gordon has been at 85 Whitmore Road [Harrow] for ten days, that the furniture had mostly arrived and that Emily could get settled within two days. [Sarah] Wolfe and [Arthur Preston] Hadwen after many delays left yesterday morning. They are in need of prayers. [James John] Heady and [E. Curtiss] Franklin leave for Teian tomorrow. The Teian-Suichow area is now about normal. [William] Rowley has moved onto the Union Hospital and will be around for a few days more - he is in need of a well-deserved rest. Rowley has dug a little hiding place beneath his house where he will be able to hide things in times of need. H B R thinks that the strain is however over for at least a while. Miss Milner is now recovered and is to go to Wuchang for a fortnights holiday. Grace has lost the pain in her ears and is staying with the Coundells, while being looked after by Dr Wang. This business has taken it out of her but she remains in good spirits. Mrs [Cyril George] Baker and Mrs [H. W. Kenneth] Sandy are both back home and Miss Freda Wright has arrived - she is to work in Hunan but will stay for the present with Miss Wagstaff. The four male missionaries and Miss Wright, they will make into a little language school when they arrive, based in the restored district house. Emily should not say anything, but H B R is fast reaching the conclusion that Dr [David] Allan 'will have to cease to be a doctor; nor can he be a parson; the idea has recently struck me, could he lecture? But I expect others will turn it down. He is such a splendid man that though he is no good for the original purpose, one would fain find a use for him'. Life is pretty overwhelming these days but H B R continues in good health and carries on as well as he can. The Helpers' Manual with its account of United Methodist and Primitive Methodist missions is very illuminating. The total number of UM missionaries in China is fewer than the [Wesleyans] in this district alone but their work is large and widespread. The status of Missionary families is as follows; - family of [William Wildridge] Gibson - soon to be reunited - family of [James John] Heady - reunion in sight - family of H B R - future unknown - family of [Arthur Preston] Hadwen - brought together yesterday - family of [Cyril George] Baker - probably in a little while - family of [Herman Stanley] Dixon - not until after June.