Scope and Content

From Hankow. He has had an hectic weekend. He reached Wesley College [Wuchang] about 5pm on Saturday and spent a quiet evening with the Grattons [family of James Maxwell Gratton]. On Sunday morning he preached to a fairly large and attentive audience and after tiffin walked to Pingumen[?], which looks very down-at-heel and from there to Weng Fu Ken, where the chapel has been demolished and the trenches dug for the erection of a new church. He then had tea at Chien Chia Chieh and attended a service at St Hilda's with Dr Paul Keller preaching quite a passable sermon. H B R then officiated at an evening service at Wesley College. He then attempted to negotiate a five year contract with Lei Chiang as headmaster.

On Monday he left for a visit to [H. W. Kenneth] Sandy at Chien Chia Chieh and walked with him through rain and mud to Hsin Chiao Chieh - 'old Feng is hanging on there in defiance of the whole circuit'. He then walked to Weng Fu Ken for a talk with Chin Ping Tao before returning for tiffin at Chien Chia Chieh. Afterwards he went to the Lutheran [Mission] for a talk 'with some Johnny or other' before attending a meeting of the J.H.T. Board at Union Hospital. He had supper with the Chapmans and reached home at about 10pm.

Today he worked until 'elevenses' and from 11.30am to 5.30pm he has been in Hanyang for the meetings of about five committees. He returned for a talk with [Dr Ralph] Bolton before Bolton leaves for Teian tomorrow.

All this work seems necessary but he does get very tired and often wishes that Emily was here for him to come home to.

Grace remains in good health and has rejoined the Hankow Choral Society.

He is to go to a meeting of the Tsinan University Board of Governors' meeting in New York, United States, just before the Ecumenical Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. He supposes that he will go via Canada, which will give him the opportunity to see Niagara etc. He shall have to get an itinarary planned out.

His Anlu trip has been postponed until the 23rd.