Scope and Content

From Shanghai. The railways are somewhat disorganised because of the floods and the fighting. He is disconsolate because after a week long absence [from Shanghai] there was still no letter from Emily waiting for him. Ningpo was very interesting and he managed to squeeze in a visit to Por- tuo[?] and Hangchow. 'Let us call Peiping [Peking] - the Royal Lady, ll Hangchow - the city of beauty & Portuo - the cloistered maiden. Aare worth seeing...'

Dr Boyle and Mr Speakman are dead - problems for someone to face.

The Hankow concession area is reported flooded. He is wondering about the condition of Wushenmiao and the books that he left behind. He has secured two sets of dolls for Miss [unreadable name] at 55 dollars a set and one set of the [unreadable word] in tea-- wood, which Mr Millward seemed to think were genuine. Reference is made to the boxes that he has managed to secure for the voyage to Vancouver.

Tomorrow night he boards the SS Fukuken Maro for Foochow. He is due to return on August 16th. Only Wenchow will be left to visit.

Conference must be over by now. There is no news and he wanders if Ernest f[H B R's brother] has been denied the Conference Presidency after all. He met Shen Chio Su on the street this morning and they made arrangements to have a Wesley tennis party on July 29th. He is living near to where the Allans [family of Charles Wilfred Allan] used to live. He had supper with Miss[?] Andrews the other night and took her to the pictures - a talkie. Mr Kilner is off to Japan for a holiday on Tuesday. Most folk are away just now. Allan is sort of honorary minister at the Union Church just now - H B R is supposed to take the services there on August 30th. The Bakers [family of Cyril George Baker] will be home before Christmas and can take things back with them for H B R if necessary.