Scope and Content

From Hankow. His schedule is very busy. He spent all of Saturday at [National Christian Council] meetings. Yesterday morning he spent here, and in the afternoon they all went down to Sister Gladys [Stephenson's] new house 'Redcote' for a housewarming and service. H B R preached on the three homes of Jesus - Nazareth, Bethany and Heaven. They had a good time before walking back for a curry and evening service. Afterwards he took [unreadable name - possibly Clifford Vallance Cook] to the Blind School house for some music but did not have the energy to do any more. He does not seem to be able to manage very well without a Saturday afternoon off.

Her letter of [January] 26th has arrived. He is pleased that she approves of his going to the Ecumenical Conference at Atlanta in Georgia, Unites States. It will doubtless do him good, but he would rather be at home.

He hopes that Gordon has joined the [unreadable word - possibly 'choir']. H B R was hoping that young Ryder-Smith might see something of him [Gordon]. It is often easier to talk on a deeper level with people who are not members of one's family.

His birthday books turned up this week. He has promised himself a pleasant hour or two with The Victorian Tragedy. 'I notice that he is scornful of the double-bed...I think Victorianism will come back again by & bye without all this Georgian nastiness. How our writers do love to open up all the drains. Old [William] Rowley is handing round "experience" now to all his friends & acquaintances. What queer folks we all are'.

He should have got to Anlu today by motar but the roads are impassable with snow. The Bakers [family of Cyril George Baker] are intending to go with [Clifford Vallance] Cook to Hunan on Wednesday.