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From Kuling. It is Sunday again. This last week they have fixed up the Ningpo Conference agenda and had a wonderful concert from Miss Frances Roots [daughter of Bishop Logan Herbert Roots] and Mrs Fisk. He has also been to two picnics - Dragon Pool and Incense Mills and got wet through each time. There was a great two hour long talk with Bishop [Logan Herbert] Roots who leaves for a special mission in America on Tuesday. H B R addressed the Kingsmead rally on Monday and took a communion service at 7.30 'for Connie Pullen's sake on the verandah today'. He thinks that he is preaching next Sunday evening but has not yet been officially informed. The Kuling pulpit seems to be particularly barren this year, which is unfair on the community. [William Harrison] Hudspeth took the evening worship last night and gave a beautiful little talk on prayer - he really is of excellent quality. 'In fact man for man, though fewer in numbers, the ex UMs [United Methodists] seem to me out here, to be at least as high a quality as our men were. Some would say higher'. The wedding of [Ronald Leslie] Upton and [Margery Walby] is now fixed for the Union Church in Hankow on September 20th. Miss Brown is the bridesmaid and [W. Noel] Richards is the best man. There is to be a reception at Wushenmiao and then the happy couple are to have a week together in Kuling. All of this could not be announced officially until a letter arrived a week ago from [William Alexander] Grist sanctioning the marriage. A week after that a letter arrived from Mrs [Maida Lenwood] Leith based on a misunderstanding of a cable from H B R - she read January for September. H B R has cabled the correction and hopefully that will sort things out. To have anything interfere with the arrangements now would be most upsetting. Any hitch would upset the work in Teian. He has just finished Seely's book Forever England. In H B R's opinion it is a very great book and he hopes that his boys will read it 20 Aug 1933.