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From Hankow. Last Sunday he took Miss Wright to Wususch, arriving about 2pm. They attended the evening service in the hospital and this was followed by a sing-song. It rained almost continuously on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and they talked almost as much. They spent all Wednesday night in vain on the hulk [river boat] and finally got off on Thursday night. They returned here on Friday. He managed to read one or two books during the journey.

He discovered on his return that the Bakers [family of Cyril George Baker] are still here - Mrs Baker is down with the flu. [James John] Heady, who H B R had sent to Kiukiang, should be back with Connnie Pullen and Miss Dixon tomorrow.

He spent yesterday at a board meeting in Hanyang. He also said goodbye to Mrs Wang, who is leaving for Shanghai to meet Robert -he wonders if she will be back again before long?.

He officiated at a service this morning at Hanyang, which was very enjoyable. [Cyril George] Baker took the English service this afternoon - 'some of them try to preach great sermons. Truly the pulpit may be a place of great temptation'. Coundell took the evening service - 'not very uintelligible to or understanding of an outside audience; but he is a good chap'.

News of his succession will hopefully arrive soon. He notes that Emily is quite positive about him staying in England - others seem to think that is out of the question. H B R himself is confused and wishes that a clear sign be received.

He plans to get away for a brief trip to Suichow and Teian ten days from now and then spend Easter at Anlu, followed by a visit to Tayeh. He thinks that the Mission House will approve a departure from China via Peking, Tientsin, Tsinen, Ningpo and Wenchow.

Synod meets at the end of April. The Chairmen's conference is on June 1st and he has been asked by Nanking to visit them there again.

When the Bakers leave, assuming that they ever will, he thinks that he will have to move in with someone else. He has no time to run a house by himself.