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From Hankow. He trusts that Morley is well and happy again. MacFarlane was in the other day and talked of the warm welcome that Emily gave to his family at home. He looks very well for his age.

Dr [Ralph] Bolton arrived on Tuesday and has stayed for a few days to keep H B R under observation. The only food he must now stay clear of is green vegetables. H B R will return to the W.S.M tomorrow to continue with routine work. Bolton is keeping an eye on him. H B R feels that perhaps Dr Chiang was a little too overawed by his 'chairman's dignity'. Miss Harrison has been a great help and the ladies in general have been very kind. He has asked Dr [Ralph] Bolton to write to Emily reassuring her about his condition [see DDHb 2/13].

Yesterday he took Miss [Margaret] Walby for a walk around the Jardine estate and then they went to the reception for Dr Keith and Mrs Gillison. H B R discovered that the latter was sister to one Miss Muriel Sanders, a Classical student at Bedford, 'who has been asked to "mother" Joan Rattenbury...Its a little world'.

This morning was [Ernest Henry] Livesley's first service as honorary pastor of the Union Church. He was rather nervous but did quite well. Last Sunday they had [Arthur Preston] Hadwen and [James] Clegg preaching.

Dixon is planning a badly needed trip to Anlu and [C. Stanley] Minty may go in the direction of Tsieun and Suichow.

It is unclear whether or not this area will again be affected by the war. Wang Ching Wei appears to have cleared off to Canton, while Tang Sheng Chih is unpopular here and justifiably so. He has betrayed all sides and has no friends left. The best thing he can do is take refuge in Japan.

H B R has written privately to [Charles William] Andrews, giving his reasons why it would be wrong for him to return home next year.

Emily may be interested to hear that [George Edward] Hickman Johnson thinks that H B R should go to Bishopsgate [Mission House in London] in 1930. H B R does not think so as he feels that fifty-two is too old for that job. He would rather stay here.

He is hoping that Gordon will get fixed up somewhere soon.