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From Hankow. Miss Prichard has just brought in a book and a letter [from Emily] which should not be opened before the 24th - he will say more when he has opened it. At Margery [Walby's] wedding reception on Wednesday afternoon he received a wire from [Dr Alfred Wyatt] Hooker saying that he has been delayed by a typhoon which has caused his northern journey to be postponed and that he will be arriving in Kungwo. He will of course be accompanied by Mr [A. C.] Franklin. 'Muriel says "Its an ill typhoon etc...".

H B R has been asked to officiate at Shanghai Union Church on October 1 and on the whole it seems wise to take advantage of the two or three days break which this would involve. He is therefore leaving for Shanghai on September 27th, will arrive on September 29th, preach on the 1st and go on to Ningpo on the 2nd. It is difficult to see how the Hooker itinerary can now best be arranged as whichever district he visits while the Ningpo [Conference] is on, will be without it's chairman.

The event of the week has been the wedding of [Margery Walby] and [Ronald Leslie] Upton. Both received letters from Emily and he has had a very nice and understanding letter from his first wife's family. The weather was lovely and it was a nice service in the Union Church. The reception was a happy occasion with both foreigners and Chinese sitting down together.

Between themselves, he has discovered that Upton and his wife have interpreted the offer of six months service in a rather drastic way, sort of assuming that they cannot think of starting a family until after the six months was up. H B R told them that the decision was entirely theirs, but that H B R and Emily found that [having children so soon] was no sorrow.

The Consulate function was very nice, 'so different from our hysterical rigmarole. H.O.C. gave her [Walby] away. Brownie [Miss Brown] made a very pretty bridesmaid & [W. Noel] Richards a sufficiently serious best man. We rolled down to the Consulate in a car from the Women's Hospital door & back again fr the church & the "zenith" to the Hospital. I told them they could have lots more weddings if I could have more rides'. After the reception they had their meal and a little time together at the Lutheran Home before catching the boat to Kuling.

The [Methodist] schools are prospering this Autumn. Wesley [College in Wuchang] has 320 pupils, G.B.S about 260 (with 150 in the Middle School), [Hankow] Day School has 260 and so on. The G.B.S. has begun it's campaign to raise money for new buildings. They have 30,000 Hong Kong dollars to raise and three years in which to do it.

Money is coming in for various things. Liu [Kuo Feng] at Shih Hui Yao has raised 3600 Hong Kong dollars for his school. The Byles Memorial has 3000 Hong Kong dollars given it the other day by the Chinese. Suichow has had a gift of 1000 Hong Kong dollars. It is good that the Chinese themselves are bearing the brunt instead of relying on money from Britain.

Sunday 24th September .

He came down early in his pyjamas to open his letter and look at his book. It was nice to be able to read a letter from Emily this day.

H B R was thinking last night that of the last seven years, they have been together for just three and that will be three out of eight by the time he returns home to England. Personal matters are discussed.

He must now leave for Hanyang. The SS Kungwo has apparently arrived so there will be quite a few absentees from service this morning.

Later that day .

It was quite a good service at Hanyang. The church was reasonably full and the girls' singing was excellent. Hooker and [A. C.] Franklin [father of the missionary E. Curtiss Franklin] arrived looking very well. H B R went over the itinerary with Hooker and shall probably go with him to Shih Hui Yao later this week and omit Sunday in Shanghai after all. He will make up his mind tomorrow.

Hooker is staying with the [Dr Ralph] Bolton and his family and A. C. Franklin with [E. Curtiss] Franklin. They seem to have had a rough time in the typhoon but their programme can be rearranged reasonably well.

Bolton is taking the English service today. H B R is off to the Union Church before coming back here for supper. It has been a strange wedding anniversary.

Later that day .

Back from the Union Church to find that Emily's letter of August 20th from Weston-super-Mare has arrived. It is good to hear from her on their anniversary.

There was also a letter from [George Edward] Hickman Johnson. It was very nice but hopelessly optimistic about what H B R can achieve [as Mission House Secretary]. Hooker apparently already feels that H B R is a colleague.