Scope and Content

From the SS Murasaki of the Tao Kaiun Kaisya Shipping line. They hope to be at Wusung tonight and ashore by noon tomorrow. H B R boarded the vessel on the evening of the 11th just after seeing the Bolton and Simpson families safely reunited. The enforced delay at least gave him a good opportunity to have a close look at the Hankow operation.

The next stage is Wenchow after which he is hoping to be back in Hong Kong by April 1st. His plan now is to try to get a through passage by air with a two to three week stop off in Burma. He should be back in England by the end of April.

They have been unable to receive any news of any sort on board.

A terrific wind is blowing which they have encountered at two or three points along the river - it has been as strong as they might expect at sea. This is an inland boat and is quite comfortable but not terribly clean. The food has not been as good as they received going up-river but there are only two passengers. Most of their companions have been Japanese and their food has therefore been the order of the day.

He shall be forwarding quite a lot of the diary from Shanghai together with his report.

He has read Lin Yu Tang's Moment in Peking and [unreadable name] Inside Red China which is just as misleading as her husband's Red Star over China. They both make the mistake of confusing the part with the whole, according to their own interests. As Bill Chow rightly said "These people have done us a lot of harm".

There is every reason to go on to Wenchow if he can possibly make it. He hopes not to have to stay there for more than a few days but that will depend on available shipping and the weather.

It has been a long time since he received news from Emily and still does not know details of Arnold's scholarship [at Cambridge University] - the main thing is that he has it.