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From Hankow. They are in the middle of the third 'Fu' and it is quite warm although the nights have not been too bad. He was at Pai Lu Kai this morning - it was too hot and too full of restless children to have a truly worshipful atmosphere. They have a new Sunday School there now consisting of street children, which seems to do as well in holidays as in term-time. He preached on 'The gospel', a theme that he has ready for Kuling if called upon which is doubtful. The Church Council goes on there as unhappily as ever. [Sarah] Wolfe and [William H.] Pillow accompany him to Kuling on Thursday night August 10th. He shall probably return on about the 28th. After all, he is to stay with the Grattons [family of James Maxwell Gratton] which may be good for him and possibly for them.

Dr Paul Keller is here for the weekend. '[Dr Ralph] Bolton suggested & I too readily fell in only to find his [unreadable word] mainly on my hands. However he is enjoying it, I think all grass-widowers are to be helped, aided, abetted & listened to, say I'.

He is expecting a young Chinese here tomorrow who may prove to be a good 'second' to the head [headmaster of Wesley College]. They are still lacking a good Chinese head. Lei Chiang's death was a severe blow, although H B R feels that he was much too extravagant and if he had lived he may have proved very expensive. Just too late, they have been contacted by a number of promising men eager to come, but they could not go back on their word to the temporary head. Before H B R returns to England he would like to see Wesley College as well-established as Hanyang. As far as foreign personnel is concerned they are doing alright with [Stanley K.] Lamming, [George Robson] Osborn and Richardson but Chinese with character, responsibility and a sense of vocation seem harder to come by. 'After all a Xtian boarding school of 300 or so in a heathen land is not a little job...'.

He has managed to get through a lot of stuff this last month of the Summer and he hopes to have cleared up the last arrears by Thursday. 'One has to do so much more with [William Alexander] Grist at the other end [Mission House] than with [Charles William] Andrews. There is a providence in it all somewhere. Certainly I shall be much better equipped for China [Secretaryship] than if I had returned home in 1930 & a real union appointment is better than being taken as a mere Wesleyan nominee'.

Connie Pullen and [Sarah] Wolfe are now finally booked on the SS [unreadable name] leaving Shanghai [on home furlough] on September 19th, not as formerly stated.

Their next arrivals are Misses Stephenson and Pritchard and after that they all begin to arrive from England. H B R shall be leaving the district comparatively well-staffed again.