Scope and Content

From [Wu Shen Miao]. Her letter arrived about 10pm carried by [James] Clegg. With regard to the possible teaching job at the proposed British School, he is waiting to hear from Emily. It occurs to him that the letter which he sent to her after his meeting with the Consul Mr Giles may make a difference to her decision. Incidentally it is not contemplated that the school would have a kindergarten section - a mistake in H B R's opinion.

H B R's views are as follows;

  • 1. He shall want the Consul's assurance that this is an urgent public service which cannot really happen unless one or two people step forward. He remembers that Mrs Roots ran the Kuling American School for a term as an emergency measure.
  • 2. He is not satisfied that a daily trip to the school would not be too tiring for Emily and the children.
  • 3. Emily would take this job on purely as a short-term measure. The Rattenburys are agreed on this point.
  • 4. Mrs [Edward] Cundall may help in some way.
Reference is made to Emily returning on about the 10th, followed by a [family] holiday. It is true as [James John] Heady says that the Wesley College committee can and should be put back later but there is a series of Education committee meetings in the first week of September, which H B R is bound to attend. It is these meetings which make it advisable to delay the Wesley meetings, for they will be discussing further union schemes which will have a bearing on Wesley College. He had arranged his holiday to cover August so that he would be back by the first week of September.

There is another matter. On about October 6th there will be a meeting of the [National Christian Council] in Shanghai, which would have provided a good break. He had thought however of missing the meeting, as he cannot really justify being away for the bulk of September and then going in October also.

His conclusion therefore is that if the school wants Emily and it is necessary therefore to get down on about the 10th, that Heady stays until then and brings her back with him. In the meantime [H. W. Kenneth] Sandy would go to Teian and sort things out there. 'That I definitely settle to take my holiday on this Shanghai trip (I asked [Dr Ralph] Bolton if he had to choose which he would think the better holiday) and he said "Shanghai without a doubt". It is either Shanghai or Kuling and cannot be both in any case'. If he does go to Shanghai he could collect Emily's winter order and he would prefer it for other reasons.

She should send a wire to say whether or not she agrees.

In a postscript, he adds that they are expecting the arrival of [Alfred John] Gedye and family.