Scope and Content

From 'below' Ichang. He did not write on June 10 as he was on the road between Chao Tung and Suifu and they were doing thirty miles that day. On June 17 he was coming down the gorges. He has thirty to forty pages of this part of his travels waiting to be typed up.

They left Chao Tung on June 4 and after travelling for ten days through beautiful but dangerous (by reason of bandits) country, they arrived at Suifu. H B R was at Chunking on June 15 and Ichang on the 17th. He hopes to be in Hankow on the 21st and leave for Shanghai on or about the 24th after a few days for repair and cleaning.

Personal matters are discussed relating to H B R's return to England.

He was asked in Chaokung whether he was excited about returning to England and he could not honestly say that he was. Now that he has actually got his face turned homeward, he is full of anticipation.