Scope and Content

From [Wu Shen Miao]. [William] Rowley has left at last, after proving to be a considerable and unexpected help. 'Today in the C.P.H.[?] were working Han Hsieh Shen's men on the operating room, Mei Loong's men on the terazzo basins & 2 or 3 broken-down coolies of Chiang's on the cement; so we have restarted. With the return of fine weather, church & hospital are also proceeding apace - which was most of my morning's work. This aft [afternoon] has been to the G.B.S. certificate giving - a real Chinese affair, with Mrs Wang[?] as Principal & a very good do altogether'.

After the certificate giving, H B R went to a meeting of the hospital committee at Dr Chapman's house which lasted until supper, which he had with them before going home. David [Allan] has gone to Hanyang as usual - these doctors will have to make or break him 'without any confusing of the issue'.

Tomorrow Chiang and H B R leaves for Wesley College at 9am for interviews and a board meeting. H B R will then go to Dorothy's for a talk about Mrs Hsia and family. Mrs Chu under pressure has agreed to come to Kung Tien.

He really thinks that he will have to try to get some more clothes, particularly pairs of white trousers.

This year he seems to be quite badly affected by prickly heat. It is probably a result of exposure on top of buildings in the sun. It is rather irritating.

[Arthur Preston] Hadwen is expected back in a day or two after arriving safely at Shayang. That area seems to be badly affected by bandits and disbanded soldiers.