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From Hankow. Another Sunday and another day of travel. They are leaving on the 10am train for Changsha where they will spend the night before going on to reach Paokang on Tuesday. From there they will go on to Kiyang and Yungchow. He hopes to see Yufeng[?] also; probably Prinkiang and Liuyang will however be impossible. [James] Webster hopes to accompany him which will be a great comfort. He will be away for about a fortnight or more, and after a few days here will go on to Anlu for the convention between March 3 and 6. After that there will be three of four days here and then North China until April.

Last month was such a gruelling time that it might be nice to be away for a few days. The Hadwens [family of Arthur Preston Hadwen] arrived today and are very well although 'he is tossed hither & thither by Oxford Groups. I think he is a little too brainy for their solutions of things'. Since [Alfred John] Gedye's return, things have been humming among some of the foreigners - he may not find the English technique works with the Chinese. Gedye and his wife are however greatly improved. 'Our "Group" asked to take the pm service last night & the others were only the more confirmed in their otherness, I think. It would be a pity if the "Group" were to split us into sheep and goats; for I think I prefer the goats as long as they are good Christian goats. As for the rest, if the sheep have really had the [unreadable word] feast they profess then I bless the Oxford Groups for getting them into a happier frame of mind. Our most recent active spirits are the Boltons [family of Dr Ralph Bolton] and the Franklins [family of E, Curtiss Franklin]. The latter are much benefitted...let each go by the appropriate gate & let no- one close the other 11 say I. Some good folks are much worried by this inner circle within the outer circle. One reply would be for the outer circle quietly to have it's own little fellowship'.

He is finding the Westminster books very helpful.