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From Stone Gateway. Here he is, for his third visit after seven hard days travel over the mountains. However, his health is good and he is in excellent spirits. Their stay here will last five days and will consist of meetings etc. The rest will be very needful before they attempt the mountains again.

It was a large travelling group - the three visitors, two missionaries, two [unreadable word], two servants and twenty-one coolies. The pace is that of the slowest and laziest. Each days has its particular problems.

He is writing this from his bed, looking out at the great mountains which overhang the place. It is so refreshing to be alone, even for one morning. It is even better than the hot bath that he had yesterday on arrival. He has compiled lots of good stuff for the diary. His companions are also diligent - it is amusing to see them scribbling away in almost exactly the same books which H B R is also using.

He is eager to have news of Joan and prays that all has gone well. He also hopes that Emily's own plans are proceeding well. No letter has been received since the air mail which reached him in Rangoon.