Scope and Content

From Hankow. He hopes to be commencing his long journey six weeks or so from now. [Dr Ralph] Bolton and [Herman Stanley] Dixon leave on about June 20th. H B R's passage from Shanghai is booked on the SS Empress of Russia, which is due to sail for Vancouver on August 31st. He is hoping to leave New York by the Olympic [Shipping Company] in the early days of November (scheduled departure date is October 30th). He may of course be delayed by as yet unforseen circumstances. His desire to get home is almost too much and he would be grateful for any turn in events which would take him straight home without wondering across the earth first.

He thinks that after June 20th, she should send him letters c/o of the Missionary Home [Shanghai] to await his arrival. Letters can also be sent to him in Vancouver c/o the Canadian Pacific Office and then to Fred's address in Toronto. Emily might also write to Fred direct, saying that H B R hopes to have two or three days there between Vancouver and New York.

Unless the Cantonese rebellion in the South gets out of control, his intentions for the next few months are as follows;.

June 1 - 6 District Chairman's conference here.

June 15 Hand over accounts

June 28 Preach in English for the last time

July Travel to the Peiping and Tientsin area, then to Tsinan and Nanking if time permits. He will arrive in Shanghai on August 1st. From there he will journey on to Ningpo and Wenchow. He will probably attend the Kuliang Convention.

August 30 Leave for Canada. He will travel leisurely across the continent to attend meetings in New York and the Ecumenical Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

He will try to fix up the exact details of his itinerary with the respective District Chairmen when they arrive for the Conference in early June.

[James John] Heady [replacing H B R as acting District Chairman] is 'quiet and very adaquete. He is capturing all hearts I think in a way I never could & she is kindness itself, much developed from the early days. They take every opportunity of suggesting it is au revoir & not farewell. Perhaps they protest too much.'.

There is a committee tomorrow to advise on the question of Chinese District Chairmen in the future ie after this furlough. H B R feels that there must be a change and that the best time may be after this period of interregnum.

The weather has been wet and fairly cold ever since the Synod.

He has come to terms with G. Hadden this week, which if the Mission House agree, means that he can continue working with H B R.