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From Calcutta, to Emily Rattenbury at 2 Brayton Gardens, Enfield West, London. They flew directly here yesterday from Rangoon by RAF transport plane. It was a lovely flight lasting three and one half hours through a calm sky. They must have found a gap between the monsoon storms. They go to the aerodrome tomorrow at midnight and board a plane for China at 3 am on Tuesday. The route will probably be via [unreadable word] and Burma.

He has just written to Peter.

H B R has been shown the Conference minutes[?] and he was intrigued to see that he reached the 'semi-final' [of the election to the office of President]. It ought to have come six years ago but it is too late now and anyway does not matter.

Calcutta has had a dreadful time with a great many atrocities and killings [ethnic disturbances in the lead-in to independence from Britain in August 1947].

He has had five days in Rangoon with the [Anglican] Bishop of Rangoon [George Algernon West] and his wife.

How civilised and quiet Calcutta seems after the rough and tumble of Burma. China will also be tough. He expects they will fly from Kunming to 'Shai' [Shanghai] and go on to Wenchow and Ningpo before the N.C.C. [North China Conference?] in Nanking in December, followed by North China, Hupeh, Hunan, Canton and then home.