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From Hankow. Emily will have reason to remember Chin Kou - the way there and back. The following is H B R's story. Yesterday at 5am they started from there and walked thirty li, reaching a place called Yang Chia Feng at 8am. There they got a lift in a motar car at 9am and were in Chiao Kou by 4pm. He read his correspondence, went out to supper and then took Grace and Dorothy to "The Holy City" in the Victoria Hall. He reached home at 11.30pm and so to bed.

G. Hadden has arrived and while H B R was wondering what to do about it, a wire arrived from the Mission House, 'utterly repudiating him, & asking for his immediate return'. H B R's comment is twofold;.

1. Had the [Mission House] followed his judgement in this matter in the first place, it would never have reached this stage.

2. 'Their letters are weighty & grave, but their bodily presence is weak. Well, well, what next I wonder?'.

He has two days in which to consider what to do with Hadden, rest a little, catch up with correspondence and set off for Teian and Suichow. He is rather tired at present.

A. H. Gray's Men, Women and God is discussed.

Pell has just taken the prayer meeting and given a wonderful talk on Medical Missions - the sort of thing which would have been useful on Medical Sunday but which never happened.