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From Kueiyang [Kweiyang] at the offices of the [China Inland Mission]. He arrived here on Sunday October 22 and found the Red Cross [Hostel] full but Mr and Mrs Michelle of the C.I.M. kindly put him up. They are without servants at the moment so life is simple and a little rough but they are very kind. H B R must have picked up a chill because he ached all night. It has taken a day and a lot of quinine to make him feel alright again.

It has been difficult getting on the next stage - McClure seems to have been too optimistic about it. Dr Leckie who is a Red Cross volunteer in transit, is accompanying H B R on the journey to Yeanling (Shengchowfu) the location of Huping College and the Fu Hsiang and Yali Middle Schools. Unless [Cyril George] Baker and his team can suggest a better alternative, they shall then try to go by bus to Shaoyang (Paoking) and then to Yungchow, Changsha and Pingkiang etc. After that, probably to Shiuchow in Canton and then via Nanning to Hanoi and Hong Kong. How much of this will actually work out is another thing. This will possibly be the most difficult stage of his travels but he ought to attempt it as no part of his trip will be appreciated more.

[Kweiyang] normally has a population of 100,000 and is about the same height and temperature as Kuling. H B R hopes that it will be warmer in a day or two. 'It has been a great advantage to me to belong to the Lord Mayor's Committee & to be [unreadable phrase] the Ambassador's letter of introduction for visa and pass-port purposes'.

He visits Deaconess Clarke's this afternoon for a meeting with the missionaries (fifteen if all attend) and for a Chinese evening meal. Yesterday he had a chat with Rao Chih An, on his way from Chungking to Kunming, and Yu Hsin Tu who is seeking mining areas on behalf of the central government. H B R has head that James Sin is in the area but there has been no contact so far.

This city has had one bombing raid, consisting mainly of incendiary devices. They are rebuilding. People feel reasonably safe here because of the extent of cloud cover. Yuanling, H B R's next destination, has had four recent air raids. Other than the first, loss of life has been surprisingly small.

They are in great ignorance of what is happening in England and Europe. These provinces of Yunnan and Kueichow are backwards compared with Hunan and Hupeh. It is certain that whoever loses, Russia will win. 'She has been the nigger in the woodpile ever since 1917 & has now recovered at one stroke all she lost by the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk...Can Hitler really be happy about that, or Japan, or Italy? Nevertheless it was a master stroke...'