Scope and Content

From on board the SS Empress of Russia (Canadian Pacific Shipping Company). The sea remains calm for which he is thankful. This week they either have two Wednesdays or two Thursdays [because of the international date line], which seems rather foolish.

Yesterday he nearly missed the boat which would have been rather awkward. He had taken the train into Tokyo that morning and had much admired the centre of the city. On the way back to Yokohama, he had the idea of stopping off in Kamakura. They were however misinformed about the times of the train and had to wait about thirty minutes on the platform. They finally arrived in Kamakura with only enough time to step across the platform and onto the Yokohama train. However they saw enough of the lovely wooded hills of Japan to justify the trip. They returned on board the ship with two minutes to spare.

Today the morning service was conducted by the ship's officers - it was very nice of its kind and fairly well attended. He is rather sorry that he did not think to organise an evening service but is unsure of the routine. They shall perhaps get one next Sunday. They arrive at Victoria [Vancouver] next Monday.

He spent the afternoon going through the five hundred pages of the Birmingham Conference Agenda, which reached him in Shanghai.

He is sharing his cabin with a boy of about fifteen who is going to attend school in Vancouver. There are several other boys on board in the same situation as well as Chinese students on their way to the United States.