Scope and Content

From Shanghai. He is all packed up. [James John] Heady will be here tomorrow and H B R is to go to a gathering of Wesley College boys in the afternoon and possibly after that to the Allans'. He is to preach twice on Sunday and then at 9.30pm will leave the customs jetty. He is freighting one box home, containing the old linen, photographs, brass bowls etc. Reference is made to Mr Millward. Everything that Emily wanted has been bought except for the tea, which purchase was made impossible by the Hankow floods and the generally damp conditions.

He has spent two nice evenings with K.B. and Miss Clark. [Miss?] Crocker[?]-Brown joined them last night. The ladies were very kind, marking his new clothing as required. Emily will no doubt hear of the struggle between the Coalition and the forces of labour. H B R feels however that sanity will somehow prevail.

Personal matters are discussed in detail. Reference is made to the loss of their daughter Hilda and the birth of Morley. Wesley College [Wuchang] and St Hilda's are both flooded. Reference is triade to Deaconesses Wallridge and Clark.