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From Hankow. James Heady arrived yesterday with his family. H B R wired to the Mission House that he [H B R] would be leaving Hankow on April 14, travelling to Ningpo, Canton and Yunnan before leaving Shanghai on July 1.

He expects that the journey will work out as follows; Hankow 14 April, Ningpo 18-25 April, Hong Kong and Canton 29 April. He will leave Hong Kong on May 5 for Haiphong and will reach Chao Tung in Yunnan on May 29. He will then either return to Hong Kong or more probably spend twelve days at Suifu and the upper reaches of the Yangzte in Szechuan before going on to Chungking. From there he will go to Ichang. If pressed for time, he may have to fly some distance but he thinks this will not be necessary. This itinerary may allow him a day or two in Hankow before reaching Shanghai by June 30. For postal purposes the only sure dates will be Shanghai on July 1, Vancouver on July 18 and Swanwick on August 8. He will try to be in England a day or two before Swanwick. Emily can write to him at Toronto c/o Fred, Vancouver c/o Grace [Ridge] and Shanghai c/o Mission House.

It will be very difficult to get it all in. [William Harrison] Hudspeth misled him about the time required to get round Yunnan - it will take six rather than eight weeks.

The itinerary means that H B R will be here to oversee the Committee and leave the Synod to Heady.

Incidentally he will probably see [William and Priscilla] Rowley in Shanghai on their way back after furlough.

The Headys seem very full of life and energy. [Dr John W.] Pell is eagerly anticipating his wife's arrival in early Autumn. Reference is made to the Rattenburys helping with Pell's son Jack.

The Easter services today were very good.

Easter Day [8 Apr ] 1934.