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From [Wu Shen Miao]. It has been a strange sort of day with a never-ending procession of people wanting to speak to him. Dorothy came over after breakfast and accompanied him to the Concession. He was wearing his blue clothes which must have impressed the Customs for he was treated all the way up to Mr Worcester like a distinguished person. Worcester promised to do what was necessary and H B R therefore left the papers with him. He got a very nice pen at the Hankow dispensary for $7.25 and then had his eyes tested at the Hankow Optical Company. He brought the prescription back for Pell to have a look at - he is not satisfied with it. Ching, Shen and Chiang came here to tiffin and they talked afterwards until 3.30pm. After tea H B R went over the buildings and discussed various matters with Dr Chiang. The Wesley College Board is tomorrow morning and and the Blind School Board tomorrow afternoon. [Alfred John] Gedye has to have his last tooth out on Friday under chloroform; so the Wesley College Standing Committee will meet on Thursday in Wuchang. H B R is also hoping to get a look at Chien Chia Chieh, which Dorothy says is getting quite ship-shape. Emily will see from the enclosed that H B R has banked her money. Mei is here. [Sarah] Wolfe is saying that she is quite better, but she is very thin. H B R feels that she should stay here for the moment within easy reach of the hospital. Miss [Margaret] Walby turned up yesterday looking very sunburnt. 'Tu is betterish again these days. I have given strict orders that front doors are not to be unlocked till I get up in the morning, but he has not yet been any trouble this time'. Dr Tu has started his journey to Shanghai. Sister Gladys [Stephenson] has returned full of enery. She appears to have had a good time in Peking. He is considering joining the party going up to Anlu. Emily should however say nothing as he has not yet fully decided. There are rumours of bandits etc in that direction. If there is any truth in these reports, he does not intend exposing people to such a risk.