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From [Wu Shen Miao]. This morning at the Wesley College Committee, they decided to use Mr Shen's old house for a 'Normal Hostel' under the charge of Liu Chin Hsien. It will be run in connection with Wesley College. 'A circular had brought in about 16 applicants and I expect we shall choose about half of these for a short course to be followed up later on with something that will replace the old normal school'. This afternoon they took on Miss Ch'uh to take the place of Miss Liu Kuo Fang's place at the Blind School. Liu Sheng Chung had stated the terms under which he was prepared to take the job, one of which was a minimum salary of $60. H B R thinks that the [committee] was a bit uneasy and quite relieved when he [H B R] stepped in with objections. It looks as if for some time yet there will have to be some sharing between the Blind School and the Women's Hospital. He expects that the hostility felt against him in one or two quarters will have been confirmed, but that cannot be helped. They are to spend tomorrow at Wuchang on Wesley College problems. Miss Sung, daughter of Dr Sung has come down to-day from Anlu in a small ch'i chuan and recommends that while the water is high, that is a good way of travelling. It would be easy going and would take about four days without a stop. [Arthur Preston] Hadwen seems to be very worried about things. H B R does not want to press unwilling people - 'these journeys are neither easy or free from dangers. Yet he that considereth the clouds shall not reap'. It is very hot tonight. There are clouds around but he hopes that the rain will hold off for now. Mrs Chou and Mrs Chi are now calling on [Sarah] Wolfe and Miss Liu Kuo Fang has moved to Hanyang this evening.