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From 277 Rue Charles [unreadable word], Shanghai. He discovered Emily's four letters waiting here together with Joan's Christmas letter. It was good to get all the news.

So, Arnold has got a £40 exhibition to St John's College Cambridge and a £50 [Kingswood] scholarship. He hopes that 'Middlesex' will be helpful - 'our method of payment is certainly hindering'.

As for income tax, Mr Sowton definitely promised to make arrangements which would allow things to be left until H B R's return home. He [Sowton] will certainly have some record of it.

He was sorry to hear about Peter's matric. [matriculation] - so near and yet so far. It was good to hear that he is going on with Maths and Physics.

Since his return to Shanghai, H B R has spent most of his time hunting for boats. He is virtually certain of starting for Wenchow either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday morning on the SS Elsie Moller. If he can return here by the 25th, he shall then go on to Hong Kong on the SS Wingsan on which there is a Methodist engineer. It is a good Jardine's boat. With the minimum delay he should then fly to Rangoon, stay there for three weeks, see the Chindwin valley and the oilfields and be home by air at about the end of April. His China trips are proving to be very cheap thanks to the rate of exchange. He has been away long enough and longs to be home again. In the event of him flying home, he shall stipulate that he has a week's rest before going back to his office. Perhaps he and Emily could have week together at Starkie's, Castle Donnington or somewhere in the South or West. He will presumably be arriving back in Southampton. What about that place on the South coast which Starkie mentioned? Sidmouth?.

He met with the Union Church committee today about them getting a minister. It was a very helpful meeting. There are some good people here.

H B R spent yesterday at the Fryers' and went over the Blind School premises and the temporary school. It is all excellent. 'R still talks about herself quite a lot. Poor child there is little chance of anyone else talking about her whilst she does that. She is tall, well-developed and quite the simple maid about town. But it is an outstanding girl that has fulfilment without marriage. Her 21st birthday is in Saturday...'.