Scope and Content

From Hankow. Committee week is now over and Synod week is about to begin. There are many problems to consider and life seems fairly difficult. It is great having Mrs [James John] Heady here. Her husband [acting district chairman in succession to H B R] too is a real help - he gives the impression of competence but without appearing to be pushing H B R out.

He sees that the names of both Emily and Miss Lin are down for W.L.[?] meetings. She certainly seems to be having a good time in one place or another.

Yesterday they had the Wang Fu Kou 'do'. The building is half completed and it was a good meeting, if a little lacking in spark and enthusiasm. It has been overshadowed somewhat by the declaration of martial law in the city and 'this curious fear complex from which some do not find it easy to break free'.

The Hunan synod also takes place this week. Grace [Stephenson] has taken Miss Wright to Kuling to help look after [Ernest C.] Cooper who is very ill. Grace is to return at the end of the week to help with the work arising from synod.

They need [missionary] reinforcements. Emily must emphasise that more bodies, not just replacements are required.

In a postscipt, he adds that Mrs Coundell was at the service this afternoon and said that Mrs Magyer has sent a letter to the American Consul praising the school (including Emily's efforts). Both [her] children are two grades higher than others in their age group.

William Rowley is following H B R round 'like a lost soul as of yore - only more so. I cannot shake him off. He must be VERY lonely...'.

Dr [Ralph] Bolton had a great time at the English service this afternoon. He has come along a great deal.