Scope and Content

From Hankow. One more week has gone by as follows:.

Monday .

A meeting of the Union Committee to decide what to do with the old [London Missionary Society] site. 'We have told them if they will develop it & do Xtian work there, we will do what we can to get a few committee rooms for the use of all'.

In the afternoon there was a Deaconess Annuitant Fund committee meeting and in the evening there was a report from Shih Luo Pan on the state of the Anlu property and its future use.

Tuesday .

A meeting of the Wesley and G.B.S scholarship committee and then a meeting on G.B.S development. Miss K. Lin is doing excellent work and their faith in her has been fully justified. She has been accorded government recognition so that obstacle has been passed. They want to plan for a school of two hundred and forty boarders with work to commence immediately.

Wednesday .

A good chat with Misses Bolton and [unreadable name] over the G.B.S plans and staff.

Thursday .

He had supper at Miss Gooches in order to meet Miss Sell - a very quiet and pleasant evening.

Friday .

He had Dr Edward and Mrs Cundall over for tea and supper. That night he went to the cinema and spent the night at the Union [Hospital?].

Saturday .

He travelled to Central China College. At night he had a good talk with Richards about many things - he would like to stay at Wesley [College] but that is out of the question.

Sunday (today) .

He enjoyed a good service in the Chih Shih Tang - he has had very good services in both English and Chinese since his return which was a great relief as he had worried that furlough had perhaps finished off that side of him. At 2pm he went to the Women's Hospital to hear Richardson give an address - his Chinese is very good. He then enjoyed a walk with [Dr Ralph] Bolton before an English service that evening with Richards.

Tomorrow there is a Theological Board meeting. The resignations of Dorothy [Hill] and Onley will crop up with the question of moving the school to the C.C.U.N.S. site. H B R is of the opinion that [James] Heady is the right man to succeed Onley, but is that possible and can it be arranged? 'Twice over during my absence, he [Heady] practically went [unreadable word] & then rallied again. I do not think any human being ought to bear the burdens that are now mine. I still think the ONLY solution is to split the District into 3 or 4 administrative areas & that no ONE man ought to do my job. E.g if Heady were Principal of Theol School & counsellor for Wuchang, Puchi & Cheng Yung as well as Wesley & Central China College, the burden would not be too great for him - but all the weight of these problems would be off my shoulders. I think that Cheng Shao Ching could do a similar work for Teian & Suichow; Shen Wen Ching or someone for Tayeh & Kungwo, leaving Anlu, [unreadable placename], Hangyan & Hankow for me or my substitute. There are certain things that have to be done annually & [Mission House] correspondence would have to be left to somebody; but a division of labour is essential...'

Miss Simpson is apparently sick with a weak heart. [Dr Edward] and Mrs Cundall leave for home on Monday week with Mrs Macfarlane. On Tuesday H B R visits Changsha for a meeting of the inter-district committee - it is an expensive nuisance but perhaps a needful one.

Mrs Watson and Mrs Vongchi[?] send their regards.

[H. W. Kenneth] Sandy has safely arrived in Tangshan. There are three hundred and forty boys in that school and he is to do religious instruction there. He has written cheerful letters back and the other people there seem to appreciate him.

[Dr Ralph] and Mrs Bolton have acquired a pup - there is no room for such a thing on this crowded compound. Still he supposes it will be allowed to stay until it has bitten a few people and then they will see.

Kitty and Bobbie are fast growing up. Mrs [Edward] Cundall has thinned down quite a bit - she looked better before.

It will become clearer tomorrow what Miss Pritchard's future will be. If the Theological School moves, [Nora] Booth will return to C.C. Kai and Wuchang.

He has been rather over-tired these last few days and has taken to his pills again. He will have to have daily exercise without fail.

The weather is bad just now.