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From Tientsin. It is Sunday again and a very remarkable one. He has been greatly troubled about Arnold's carpet. Very little is being made and those which are being produced are not very "Chinese". He did see one which seemed suitable at a price of £40. The final cost, taking into account transport and customs etc, could be between 60 and £70. Anyway he has been pressed for time and was unable to find the shop yesterday.

At the ordination service this afternoon, who should turn up but Wu Yung Kuang and Teng Yueh Mo. The latter is professor of engineering at the Peiping University. They were all smiles and appeared so overjoyed to see H B R, that he mentioned the carpet to Yung Kuang, who declared that he could find one. It would be either first or second hand but would be clean. H B R therefore let him have all the details and he will pass it to [James Maxwell] Gratton. Then came the surprise as they insisted on presenting it as a gift. H B R protested that it was for his son, to which they responded that it was all the better for H B R.

Reference is made to H B R's joyous meeting with Chin Chu last week.

'This teacher-pupil business in China is overwhelming. It is better than last time'.

He trusts that this [carpet] business will help to give Emily a happy Christmas.

He thinks that it would be better to send this letter on to Toronto. She should spend £2 on herself as his present.

Tomorrow they are off to Peiping [Peking] and then Shanghai on Tuesday.