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From Kunming, to Emily Rattenbury at 2 Brayton Gardens, Enfield West, London. They have visited Hueipse, Shuntien and the Gopu [tribe], spending fifty-two out of seventy-five hours in a jeep. It was a very arduous journey over all kinds of difficult roads up to a height of 10,000 feet above sea level. Emily would not have liked it much, apart from the magnificence and beauty of the surroundings.

Tomorrow they leave for the regions inhabited by the Miao and Nosu tribes, a trip which should take three or four weeks. They will therefore be out of touch for quite a while.

It is hoped to fly to Shanghai on or about October 31. H B R seems to be standing the rigours of the journey as well as the others. Lockhart says that this last trip was worse than the war, so what he will think of the tribal lands remains to be seen.

H B R has sent a few photographs via the Mission House [in London]. These were taken by Liu Shang Chung's son and will reach Emily in due course. The only people she will not recognise are Dr and Mrs Hsin - he is a professor at Yunnan University and she is head teacher of the En Kuang School and is a very capable woman.

Emily's letters must be coming by ordinary post and he does not know when he shall be receiving them. He has received nothing for a very long time and he wants to know how her plans are proceeding.