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From Hankow. The missionaries from Anlu arrived in Hankow yesterday, so that all are now either safe or are on the way to safety. His work does not however lessen. He sleeps all over the place and wonders up and down the Ma Lu most days. The local people are quite friendly but one never knows 'whether they are busy about their own business or getting ready to sling [stones]'.

He had the experience this week of being practically imprisoned by the servants' union. He sat arguing with them from 8 to 11. Fortunately Ho Hen Shen is now Tuan Chang [Mayor] of Hankow and he happened to come upon H B R while the trouble with the servants was going on. 'With him & his colonel inside & three soldiers in the passage honours were about equally divided. I signed my terms but not until they signed mine & so we bowed one another out'.

Yesterday H B R accepted responsibility [from William Rowley] for the accounts of the WMS [Wesleyan Mission Station or School]. [Rowley] is now working on the balence of the WA. 'Possibly he'll get the 1926 schedules finished by about June 1928. He is an everlasting gas-bag, garrulous with old age; I've never met anyone who appears to me to waste so much time chuntering around'.

Whatever troubles lie ahead, at least all their people are safe.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

He has had a nice letter from Joan and Emily's news of the children was good to read.

If they come through these times and he supposes that they will, it will be a wonderful time to have lived through. He will have some marvellous stories to tell. They have not had as bad a time here as in Hunan province and he does not think that they will. China will not submit to Communism for very long.