Scope and Content

From Chaotung. Emily's very informative letters 5 and 6 have reached him, for which he is grateful. He feels as if he 'belongs again'. He does not know where this letter will find her [reference to her visit to the USA]. He wonders if Emily's advisor was right about the old apple trees. If they go against the fence, the roses will have to come out to make way for them. He was sorry to read about the plum tree and the beans[?]. If H B R had been at home, he would have seen what was happening. It was good that she got some fruit from that other tree.

So, Joan's son has been named Richard. He has received a letter from her telling him about the 'mangle' and has of course written back. It was good news that Frank has a job at a useful date. He will need to earn for the family now.

They have been having committee and synod days. H B R could help them such a lot, if only they would allow him. Yesterday, he took a missionary drawing-room service at 9.30 and gave the ordination address at night 'to a Miao & a Nosu' [separate congregations or candidates?].

Liu Sheng Chung [Yao Lao Pao's son-in-law] is minister at Kunming and doing very well. He is however a bit of a stormy petrel and goes on about equality between [three unreadable words] of his old district in vigourous and even biting language. 'I feel like the bishop, who said to the boy who used blasphemous language, "Thank you, my boy, for saying so well what we were all wishing to say".

H B R hopes to be in Shanghai by November 1.