Scope and Content

From Hankow. Emily's letter with Joan's photograph arrived this week, with the news that Gordon has missed the Southport appointment.

His treatment for dysentry ended on Wednesday, not that he is yet fully recovered and will be on a light diet for a week before the treatment resumes. He got out for a short walk yesterday and attended service this morning.

[Ernest Henry] Livesley, his wife and their son turned up on Monday. H B R has therefore moved to an adjoining room and is more eager than ever to get back to Wu Shen Miao. The [London Missionary Society] ladies are now moving out to the Union Hospital Compound and permission for the Methodist ladies to return to Wu Shen Miao is expected daily. Things are therefore returning to normal and when Emily and their children arrive, the little ones will have the garden to play in.

This week he has read through three of the five volumes of the Outline of Christianity and is well into a fourth. It seems to be attempting to set Christianity in light of modern knowledge. It is not a very thrilling book but is quite good in parts.

A letter from Coundell this morning indicated that they might be coming in the Spring.

Dixon is supposed shortly to be preparing for a trip to Anlu. [C. Stanley] Minty will get off in the direction of Tsieu-Suichow and [Ernest Henry] Livesley will head down-river.

It is good that Morley's eyes will now be put right.