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Article entitled Wesleyan Sacramentarianism - Last Sunday Evening at Kingsway Hall - Mr Kensit's Address.

In his Pocket Companion 1920 J. A. Kensit had accused J E R, the Superintendent of the Wesleyan Mission at London's Kingsway Hall of holding "Romanist views" with particular regard to some of the adornments of the Wesleyan Chapel in the Kingsway Hall. This resulted in the withdrawal of financial assistance by some subscribers to the Mission and led to correspondence between J E R and Kensit which are reprinted in the current article. Following on this, J E R arranged to preach three sermons on "Roman Errors and Protestant Truth" to set out his views on the subject and on the occasion of the third sermon, he invited Kensit to be present and to speak. A detailed description of the arguments contained in Kensit's address and J E R's reply is given.

The English Churchman and St James's Chronicle February 5 1920.