Scope and Content

From Hankow. He went up to Huang Chin Tang this morning, the first service he has attended there since his return. It has developed a great deal. There was one baptism and communion service. They walked both there and back '& got a bit melted'. This afternoon [Ernest Byerley] Wright from Hunan preached and was quite good. This evening they have had 'the street-preaching chapel full & since then a long talk with [E. Curtiss] Franklin, who is finding his feet'.

The river [Yangtze] is very high for the time of year. It is over the Bund in a place or two and is close to the top everywhere else. There is considerable concern after the severe floods of two years ago. They can but hope.

This week has seen the closure of most of the schools. 'I pronounce the benediction at [Nora] Booth's affair tomorrow'. People are moving to Kuling now, which means that it could well be a record season there.

H B R expects to go downriver next Sunday night, spend a day or two with [William] Rowley and then off to Kiukiang and then home. 'He is better & full of schemes for controlling everything & everybody, which is absurd even for Rowley.

Emily's letter arrived with all sorts of statistics. H B R is enclosing an exact statement - there follows financial information.

His holiday in Kuling begins on August 15th. He will be travelling a great deal in the Autumn with Ningpo and [unreadable placename].

People are singing outside so this letter is somewhat disjointed. In any case there is not really a lot to say. Mr Gould is at Teian this weekend so they [Ronald Leslie Upton and Margery Walby] will not be able to keep their little secret much longer [their engagement]. They seem very happy.

He supposes that [Gordon] will be taking his exam about now. The double degree should help him in the future.