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From Hankow. Her birthday letter was waiting for him at the end of a perfect day.

He went off to the 'Retreat' on Friday at Bishop Roots, slept at the [Macfarlane's] and returned through terrible weather to an evening service at Chinkou and finally to the Hsiaochies[?] for evening meal. They had provided a gramaphone record to choose as a birthday present from Emily. They also gave him a nice pair of suede-lined gloves - 'This is the result of handing pictures out'. They then had hymn-singing and prayers.

They had four or five inches of snow on Friday night and five or six inches more last night. He still however hopes to leave for Anlu by motar car next Monday.

One or two copies of the Methodist Recorder have arrived which indicate a rather large decline in income. Next Sunday's English service will be at Sister Gladys Stephenson's new house as a sort of house-warming. She wants Jackson's Te Deum and other 'extravagances'. She is a good woman 'and would be pained to know how many beetles she crushed per day. Tact is a great gift denied to some, who doubtless get compensations in other ways'.

[William Alexander] Grist seems to have settled in quite well now at the Mission House. His articles in the Methodist Recorder are good 'but would be better if he exposed us less to Communist eyes'. When a lot of noise is made, it attracts the attention of enemies as well as friends.

As far as he can work out, she is entitled to draw £104.10.0 per quarter. Financial matters are further discussed.