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From Chien Chia Chieh, [Wuchang]. He has been here for two or three days holiday and a few meetings. He moved here to [Herman Stanley] Dixon's on Wednesday night and on the three mornings after, he took prayers at the [Central China College] and talked for ten minutes each day on the contribution of Methodism. On Thursday afternoon they went over to [unreadable name] Hill and that evening there was a thanksgiving supper at Mrs Tyng's. On Friday he went to [James Maxwell] Gratton's for tiffin and then to the Hung San. On Saturday he went straight after prayers to 'C. C. Kai' and then on a picnic to the Viceroy's well. Last night they had a gramophone evening. Today he addressed a united service on "You have nothing to do but to save souls". This afternoon he went to St Hilda's where Gratton preached a thoughtful but not particularly 'virile' sermon and tonight he went to a sing-song at the Onley's. Tomorrow he will have breakfast at [James] Clegg's and then after leading school prayers, he will move on.

A blizzard blew up last night and after blowing hard all day, it is now snowing, which is pretty early in the year.

Bishop Roots arrived back on Friday, although H B R has not seen him yet. The young Methodist missionaries are supposed to turn up tomorrow.

He is having trouble with his hollow tooth and it may have to be extracted - a nuisance and an expense. The pain has been there for ten days now.

This is the Christmas mail and he will try to write to every single one of the family. Emily's fur will come via Lilias Lester but not before February. In the meantime, she should get a Christmas present for herself from H B R, with a value of at least £1. He supposes that she will sort out the presents for the children on his behalf as well.

It has been interesting to be in Wuchang again for a few days. This has been his longest stay since they left in 1919. How different it is now. The house where Edith died and Emily joined her life to his is no more - blown to pieces by a bomb and now restored. 'The very spot where a young man threw stones at a lady's hat all over-grown with a plantation; Wesley College, not even knowing Joseph, Wang Fu Ku chapel tumbling down & ready to be rebuilt. A new work beginning at the Tai's house which now belongs to us'.

D. H. has been almost her old self during the last day or two. Last night, when a certain person was in, she had a sort of haunted look in this same room where years ago I came & saw you all huddled up in yourself & much dismayed because a certain person was offering you wife-hood & mother-hood, which already in your [unreadable word] fashion you were welcoming & dreading before you had even said [to] him "Yes"...Perhaps she does not know herself; but her look last night reminded me of you, those years ago'.