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From Hankow. He is imagining her near the Red Sea with much of the stress of the voyage behind her. People are wondering back in this week, with those from Kuling bringing up the rear. All seem to have enjoyed good holidays, especially the people from Hunan District - the two districts seem to have pulled together a lot this summer. [William] Rowley has been here for two days and has been most kind and helpful. He is now taking his wife to Shanghai for a trip. [Herman Stanley] Dixon is at Kuling - 'so his "complex" should be quite happy'. Others have been 'dodging up & down since the evacuation'. It is said that there are two to three hundred foreigners there at present, which seems hard to believe. Changsha is in great danger of occupation again. If it falls, what will happen to Hankow? H B R preached yesterday morning to a full congregation at Union Church on "Comfort ye, Comfort ye my people...". It was a great congregation for Hankow. The [unreadable family name] are off home, having lost practically everything, really through lack of care on the part of other people. It is probable that if people congregate on Hankow, the missionary houses will be full of colleagues fleeing from Hunan province. [James John] Heady is bringing some stores back from Shanghai and H B R will try to be economical. He is afraid that it means taking David [Allan] in, but someone has to. [Charles Wilfred] Allan was sixty yesterday. Lei Chiang and his wife have taken up the appointment at Wesley College. 'On the strength of Clare Sheridan', he went to see Charlie Chaplain in Shoulder Arms the other day - not one piece of smut in the film from beginning to end. There were of course half a dozen half-dressed ladies in the first feature. 'The great achievement of Punch is that it avoids the sex joke. That is where humour always goes to hell'. He has given a good account of Emily's experiences to Mr Irving. He may be moving to Tsingtau in a few weeks, but says that he prefers to Hankow. There is anti-Communist activitity now in Paoan, Chinnau etc. Many are being hunted and killed by their own families and friends. Cook has been home to help gather the harvest which he says is an excellent one. They have had a cool August - it was down to 80 degrees last week.