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From [Hankow]. He supposes that she must be home by now. He hopes that they had a good time. The Bakers [family of Cyril George Baker] are here - they seem to be a very nice family. She takes over tomorrow, so hopefully H B R's house-keeping duties will be shortlived. H B R preached at Union Chapel on Sunday, and spent the rest of the day at Cameron's at the A. P. C. installation. Yesterday he officiated at the funeral of a young B & S officer, the victim of an accidental drowning. At night a great crowd of them went to watch the film Four Feathers and found it most enjoyable. Reference is made to [Margaret] Crabtree. [Margaret Crabtree; Lay missionary. First appointed in 1922.] He met Mrs Wooster at the cinema - she sends her love. He saw Mrs Fairfield at the A. P. C. - she appears to be in very poor health. Her husband is a big pleasant Scot and their children are merry enough. Interesting letters have been received from Gordon and Joan. They are puzzled by Cheng Hsueh Liang's latest move. Feng Yu-hsiang and Yen had moved their father[?] out of Peking in the name of the Republic. 'Now he walks back without firing a shot & over-runs Northern China'. Hopefully it will mean peace and plenty of soldiers to garrison the provinces. [Douglas Weddell] Thompson will probably be the minister of the Union Church for six months. There is still no prospect of the Hunanese missionaries rejoining [William Wildridge] Gibson and [William H.] Pillow.