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From Hankow. Synod is over and the minutes are signed. Dorothy [Hill] left last night. 'Whether it is the stress of the engagement, or the liberty she has achieved in my absence, or the fact that the Theological School has been left for a period in her pocket, or a heightening of her somewhat isolated personality - some or all - I know not; but she has been very difficult & done the most unusual things & ought to have had a good talking- to. But under all the circs [circumstances] it seemed better to grin & bear it. Let us hope marriage will solve all the problems'.

They had good debates at synod over the chairman business and the resolutions in both sessions were carried by an overwhelming majority - none voting against. 'The voting was close, Shen [Wen Ching] 6 Kwan 4 & Hsin 3. I rather think the Chinese vote would be 2.2.2. that Kwan & Hsin voted for one another & Shen for Kwan & that the foreigners really put in Shen. No-one would have been surprised, except perhaps himself, if he had been passed over. The vote to my mind is quite satisfactory. All have face and no- one a very great victory, which should help keep them all humble & easier to work with. But there will be some broken shins as we go along. I want to break[?] a few before [James] Heady comes along, with his gentle kindness. THE problem is the carrying out of Church & Christian discipline'. [James Maxwell] Gratton has done well as Secretary and this Missionary Superintendent can easily be handled by Heady, [Alfred John] Gedye, Gratton or even [Arthur Preston] Hadwen etc as they gain in experience. H B R is therefore confident that the machinery is in place to allow him to leave the district with confidence. Had such machinery previously been in existence he would not have had to return to China.

He has still told no-one of the nomination. They will know by the end of May from reading the newspapers. The next mail or the one after may bring with it some preliminary information which he may or may not publish.

Next week should be very busy sending off the minutes etc. After that he will have to buy some khaki and try to get off to Teian, Suichow and possibly Anlu.

The G.H. [George Haddon] affair has not been mentioned at synod or the M. [missionaries] meeting - how quickly things pass. He was pleased to read that Emily has received Hilda's £10 - will it be needed next year he wonders?

Connie Pullen is now going off to Kuling [for reasons of poor health].

H B R has had thirteen very strenuous days and shall probably go to the pictures tomorrow and then to work. It is strange to think that he will no longer be district chairman after this Conference. Miss Pritchard will after all go to the G.B.S. and then perhaps to general work.